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Product Spotlight, Motors and Drives, August 2013

Aug. 2, 2013
The latest motor and drive products for HVAC system engineers.
Basic HVAC drive
The VLT HVAC basic drive is a variable-speed-drive solution optimized for basic fan and pump operations. The compact drive minimizes wear on HVAC equipment, maximizes system uptime and productivity, and reduces system operating costs. Built-in features reduce or eliminate the need for additional external equipment, including gateways, PI controllers, and PLCs. Integrated DC coils reduce harmonics, and an automatic energy optimizer and sleep-mode function save energy and extend drive life. —DanfossMotor starters
Motor starters with SmartStart technology offer fan-motor protection that prolongs the life of high-efficiency fan motors and easily interfaces with building-management systems. Three motor-starter options are available for single-phase or three-phase motors in commercial and industrial applications: universal single-phase (MS-1P), standard control (MSSC), and advanced control (MSAC). All starters are available in indoor or outdoor enclosures. —GreenheckVariable-frequency drive
The Z1000 variable-speed drive is designed for building-automation-system (BAS) applications such as fans, pumps, and cooling towers through 500 hp. It features an easy-to-read LCD keypad that provides hand/off/auto interface and a real-time clock. The Z1000 bypass package is optimized with an intelligent bypass and an advanced BAS interface. The intelligent pypass can transfer the motor across the line when the application requires 60 Hz at peak demand. Removing the drive at 60 Hz saves energy and removes harmonics in worst-case conditions. —Yaskawa