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Product Spotlight, Ventilation, September 2013

Aug. 26, 2013
The latest ventilation products for HVAC system engineers.
Low-pressure mixed-flow fan
The Model QEI-L is an inline, mixed-flow fan designed for low-pressure applications. It is available in 11 sizes with capacities of up to 40,000 cfm. A flanged connection is standard, with companion flanges available for an easy slip-fit connection. Model QEI-L is licensed to bear the AMCA Certified Sound and Air Performance seal and is well-suited for applications requiring low sound levels and high efficiency, including office buildings, concert halls, educational facilities, libraries, and parking garages. —Greenheck FEMA-rated steel grille
The XSV-845 8-in steel grille is designed for buildings needing protection against violent weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes. The XSV-845 is FEMA 320/361 rated. It is AMCA-certified and can withstand design loads of 260 psf to 300 psf produced by extreme wind phenomena. It has a free area of 58.5 percent. The XSV-845 grille has been tested with impacts of 15-lb., 2-by-4-in. projectiles traveling at 100 mph, as per ICC 500. It is compliant for windborne debris in all regions of the United States. —Pottorff Axial fan system
ZAplus is a high-efficiency axial fan system made of high-performance composite material with an integrated motor and control. The composite material permits shapes that have a positive influence on airflow. The system is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize air noise; according to Ziehl-Abegg, the ZAplus increases efficiency by more than 20 percent and decreases air noise by up to 50 percent compared with other fan systems. A 20-percent decrease in power use potentially brings annual savings of $195 per unit based on 6,000-hr annual run time. —Ziehl-Abegg