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New Products: October 2013

Oct. 2, 2013
Products of interest to heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning engineers.

Makeup-air units

Heat-only direct-fired and indirect-fired makeup-air units are designed for commercial or industrial facilities where high outdoor-air volumes are needed but cooling and humidity control are not required. Direct-gas models are available in horizontal- or vertical-discharge configurations. Indirect gas models are available with horizontal or vertical discharge and can be configured for 100-percent outside air or with recirculation.

Variable-air systems

EarthWise intelligent variable-air systems are well-suited for commercial office spaces, schools, and higher-education facilities. The systems incorporate Trane Wireless Comm technology, which eliminates wiring between equipment, system controllers, and temperature sensors. The system can be viewed on the Tracer building-automation-system operator suite application, allowing customers to monitor the system, make setpoint changes, view dashboard graphics, and more. —Trane    

Updated air-curtain line

Berner has added lengths of up to 16 ft and a high-efficiency venturi heater coil to its VS Series air-curtain line. The VS Series is designed for environmental separation at internal and exterior industrial doorways and prevention of energy loss and infiltration of fumes, flying insects, and airborne particles. The single-construction design of the VS Series’ blowers and discharge nozzles provides even volume, velocity, and airflow across the entire air-curtain length. The thermally protected heater coil has a capacity range of 44,000 to 238,000 Btuh. —Berner International Corp.

Kitchen ventilation systems

Vari-Flow integrated kitchen ventilation systems allow food-service managers and building owners to reduce energy costs by precisely modulating exhaust and supply airflow to match cooking operation demands. Temperature sensors located in the hoods’ capture area are directly exposed to changes in cooking activity, enabling a fast response to cooking-load changes. The Vari-Flow system is compatible with BACnet MSTP/IP, LON, and ModBus to easily integrate the system into a wide range of building-management systems. —Greenheck

Self-sensing pumps

The SelfSensing Series with ProBalance integrates Taco KV or KS pumps with a variable-frequency drive. SelfSensing ProBalance pumps allow easy system balancing for both constant-flow central-plant and variable-flow building distribution applications. The pumps can be run in constant-flow mode for chiller/boiler pumps (primary), system-curve mode for variable-flow pumps (secondary), and constant-pressure mode for booster pumps. SKV pumps are available in sizes from 1.5 hp to 10 hp, while the SKS line is available in sizes from 1.5 hp to 60 hp. Models of up to 600 hp will be available next year. —Taco

Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps

Coleman ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are well-suited for computer server rooms where temperatures must be maintained even when other parts of the building are not being cooled. Advanced compressor technology modulates the system to a minimum of 15 Hz and a maximum of 120 Hz, using only the electricity needed to deliver the proper amount of cooling or heating for optimum comfort and energy savings. An advanced multi-part filter system accessory uses a catechin material and treated fibers to remove contaminants and improve indoor-air quality. —Johnson Controls

Packaged classroom ventilation

Airedale ClassMate single packaged vertical DX and heat-pump systems are available in four capacities, from 24 to 60 MBH, in two cabinet sizes. The energy-efficient units feature integrated part-load values of up to 16.1. A patented microchannel evaporator coil requires less refrigerant and causes less air-side pressure drop than the larger coils traditionally used in these systems, allowing extra space for multiple supplemental heat exchangers, such as a hot-gas-reheat coil, hot-water coil, or electric heat elements, all of which can be factory-installed. —Modine