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Product Spotlight, Building Automation and Control, October 2013

Oct. 3, 2013
The latest builidng-automation and control products for HVAC engineers.

Integrated space-control app

The BAC-4000 series AppStat combines a controller, multiple sensor options, and BACnet networking into a single integrated, space-mounted device configurable via a color LED screen. AppStat is designed to offer a cost-effective combination of networking, application, and sensor options (temperature, humidity, and occupancy) along with easy, intuitive installation, configuration, and operation. Preloaded with factory-programmed application sequences, AppStat models support FCU, AHU, RTU, and HPU applications. —KMC Controls

Versatile data loggers

OPUS20E data loggers can be connected to up to four external temperature and relative-humidity sensors, as well as two additional analog sensors. Intelligent BUS sensors can be integrated, and a local-area network (LAN) connection is available. Airflow and differential-pressure sensors typically are connected to the OPUS20E via analog inputs, as opposed to the maximum of four external temperature or humidity sensors that can be integrated via a digital BUS protocol. In connection with its LAN capabilities, the OPUS20E is able to realize universal measurement networks in real time. —Lufft

Building-control solution

The SmartStruxure solution is designed to maximize building efficiency and reduce operating costs throughout the life of a facility. It delivers integrated building information and real-time data via Web access, graphics and trend visualizations, reports, and mobile applications to ensure a building is running at maximum efficiency. SmartStruxure provides seamless integration through LON, BACnet, Modbus, Web Services, and Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure Web Services. It enables numerous advanced building services, such as automatic mechanical-equipment analytics and building optimization. SmartStruxure solution is powered by StruxureWare building-operation software, which provides integrated monitoring, control, and management of HVAC, energy, lighting, and other critical building systems. —Schneider Electric