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Innovative Solutions, October 2013

Oct. 4, 2013
Outstanding new products for HVAC design and facilities engineers.

Fan-motors training course

The Fan Fundamentals online educational training series now includes a course on fan motors. In this course, users will learn about various motor categories, motor-nameplate information, how to select or specify a motor, and what to do in the event of motor failure. Greenheck offers eight online courses covering fan fundamentals, fan construction materials, coatings, accessories, and bearings. For more information, visit www.greenheck.com and click on the “Education” link found on the home-page navigation bar. —Greenheck

High-performance HVAC drives

Yaskawa drives for HVAC applications provide energy savings, are easy to program, and have the flexibility to enable systems to interface with different software. Yaskawa works closely with mechanical contractors to design custom solutions in government buildings, schools, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes, hospitals, and office spaces. The drives typically are used to control chillers, cooling towers, and air-handling units. The benefits of using easy-to-program and easy-to-use Yaskawa drives in HVAC applications include industry experience, a strong distributor network, quick delivery, and high reliability. —Yaskawa

Multistage water pump

e-HM series horizontal multistage water pumps are designed for industrial applications. Compared with similar pumps on the market, e-HM pumps provide 15 points greater efficiency. Constructed of AISI 316 stainless steel, the e-HM series offers six models and a one-piece or sleeve design, making the pumps highly customizable. Built on the advanced hydraulics of Xylem’s e-SV vertical multistage product line, the e-HM series helps reduce total cost of ownership by up to 30 percent. Features include a maximum flow rate of up to 127 gpm and a balanced impeller that reduces axial thrust by 40 percent. —Goulds Water Technology, a Xylem brand

High-efficiency boiler

The SlimFit commercial high-efficiency condensing boiler is available in three sizes: 1,000 MBH, 1,500 MBH, and 2,000 MBH. The packaged boiler is on wheels and its compact design allows it to fit through most doorways. The advanced control system easily integrates with existing systems and displays information on a color touchscreen LCD. The boilers’ combustion rating is more than 96 percent. The SlimFit can fully integrate with older non-condensing boilers to increase efficiencies by creating a hybrid system. —Weil-McLain

Color-coded piping products

Blue Pipe and Green Pipe deliver the best of metal and plastic pipe for PHVAC applications. With thermal expansion traits similar to copper, the pipes handle 180ºF water at 100 psi, yet do not rust, corrode, or leach. The heat-fusion connection eliminates leak paths, and the pipes come with a 10-year multimillion-dollar warranty. The pipes also offer a natural R-value, excellent flow rates, and stable, competitive material costs while also offering considerable labor savings. While recyclable, the pipes have no scrap value, so they are not likely to be stolen from a job site. —Aquatherm

Mechanical manufacturer’s guide

The Division 22/23 Mechanical Manufacturer’s Guide eBook makes accessing important product information more convenient for mechanical engineers and building specifiers. This portfolio meets the growing industry demand for digital and mobile communication solutions. Users easily can access duct, pipe, and HVAC-equipment insulation solutions, data sheets, CSI MasterFormat three-part system specifications, and green building program guides. The eBook is available at http://Division2223.OwensCorning.com, as well as an iTunes and Android Bookshelf app for mobile devices. —Owens Corning