Fluke Ti400

Product Spotlight, Test Instruments and Tools, November 2013

Oct. 29, 2013
The latest test instruments and tools for HVAC system and facilities engineers.

Carbon-monoxide analyzer

The Monoxor Plus portable carbon-monoxide (CO) analyzer is designed to deliver quick, accurate carbon-monoxide (0 to 2,000 ppm) and temperature measurements. In addition to ambient-air CO readings, its probe and hose assembly (with water trap/filter) enables direct CO sampling of flue gases and gas appliances. Analysis is instant and intuitive with push-button operation, selectable display options, and easy setup. The Monoxor Plus utilizes Bacharach’s exclusive B-Smart pre-calibrated CO-sensor technology to enable in-field sensor replacement and minimize instrument downtime and maintenance costs. —Bacharach

Analog transmitter

The BAT (blind analog transmitter) non-indicating transmitter is designed for use with Dwyer’s Series EFS2, IEFS, PDWS, TBS, and FLMG flow meters. It can be either wall- or meter-mounted. It takes a pulse-frequency output from a compatible flow meter and converts it to a continuous 4- to 20-mA analog output signal. The frequency for the flow meter output signal can be adjusted using four rotary switches on the back of the transmitter; a microcontroller automatically scales all other values accordingly. The microcontroller can average inputs for more stable reading outputs. —Dwyer Instruments

Portable air-quality tester

The AQ200 is a multifunctional, handheld indoor-air-quality monitor. It monitors: • Carbon dioxide (0 to 5,000 ppm). • Carbon monoxide (0 to 1,000 ppm). • Ambient temperature (-4˚F to 176˚F). • Delta-T. • Atmospheric air pressure. • Humidity. The unit’s carbon-monoxide and carbon-dioxide resolution is 1 ppm. It features a min/max/hold/unit selection and a shock-proof housing. It can hold up to 8,000 data memory points. —E Instruments International

Wireless digital manifold

The wireless, four-port digital SMAN4 manifold with built-in vacuum gauge is designed to assist HVAC professionals who need to take live measurements from multiple locations to properly diagnose a system. A technician or facilities engineer can evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant, and dial in the refrigerant charge without unhooking the manifold. The wireless-measurement function allows real-time, simultaneous superheat and subcooling readings and offers the ability to send measurements to the Fieldpiece HG3 system analyzer for full system diagnostics. —Fieldpiece Instruments

Power clamp meter

The CM83 power clamp meter offers numerous power-analysis capabilities, including harmonics mode to find noise from electrical sources, phase rotation to confirm phase orientation of three-phase systems, inrush current to detect startup related transients, and VFD mode for analyzing non-sinusoidal waveforms and noisy signals on VFD-controlled equipment. The meter also provides Bluetooth connectivity to METERLiNK-enabled FLIR infrared cameras, as well as to Android devices running the FLIR Tools Mobile app, which enables users to view readings remotely, share findings with colleagues and customers, and create reports. —FLIR

Infrared cameras

Ti200, Ti300, and Ti400 infrared cameras feature LaserSharp auto focus, which uses a laser to pinpoint exactly where the camera should focus. The cameras connect to the Fluke CNX wireless system, allowing them to be used as a main unit to view live measurements of up to five wireless modules (e.g., AC current or voltage modules) and then integrate the data into the infrared image. The cameras feature wireless connectivity to easily transfer images directly to a PC, iPad, or iPhone. Images then can be imported into Fluke SmartView software, a suite of analysis and reporting tools for optimizing and analyzing infrared images and producing reports. The cameras also integrate wirelessly with the Fluke SmartView mobile app for iPhone and iPad. —Fluke