Degradation of Engineering Materials Subject of New Book

March 7, 2014
Each chapter discusses: • Basic properties of a material. • Characteristics of degradation. • Guidelines on protecting against corrosion. • Test procedures.

A textbook explaining the degradation mechanisms of metallurgical, polymeric, ceramic, and natural materials used for engineering infrastructure, buildings, machines, and components is available from CRC Press.

Each chapter of “Environmental Degradation of Advanced and Traditional Engineering Materials” presents the basic properties of a class of material, detailed characteristics of degradation, guidelines on how to protect against corrosion, and a description of testing procedures.

“This book serves as a valuable reference guide, pulling information together on a wide variety of materials, both old and new,” Jim Michel, technical manager for the Copper Development Association, who co-wrote a chapter about the metallurgy of copper, said. “Today, materials such as plastics, ceramics, glass, wood, concrete, and asphalt are being used more frequently. However, traditional materials, like copper and steel, really need to be understood as well.”

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