ASHRAE Names New Distinguished Lecturers

Aug. 27, 2013
The 77 lecturers for the 2013-14 Society year represent 13 countries, are available to present on 345 topics, and speak a combined 10 languages.

ASHRAE recently named eight individuals to its Distinguished Lecturer program, which provides speakers on topics impacting the built-environment industry.

The new lecturers and their presentation topics are:

Donald L. Beaty, PE, president, DLB Associates Consulting Engineers, Eatontown, N.J. (and HPAC Engineering Editorial Advisory Board member)—“Data Center Energy Efficiency,” “Case Studies: Implementing ASHRAE’s Allowable Ranges in Data Centers,” and “Trends and Measurements for Data Center Optimization and Future-Proofing.”

James J. Coogan, PE, senior principal, Siemens Building Technologies, Buffalo Grove, Ill.—“Space Pressurization: Concept and Practice,” “Methodical Approach to Sustainability in Labs,” “Air Flow Controls at the Terminal Level,” and “Feedback Systems in HVAC.”

Marlene Linders, president and chief executive officer, Philders Group International Inc., and executive director, The Linders Health Institute, Heathrow, Fla.—“Overview of Risk Management for Infection Control During Healthcare Construction” and “De-mystifying Healthcare: 3 Critical Keys in Doing Business With the American Healthcare System.”

Bjarne W. Olesen, PhD, professor, International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby—“International Standards for the Indoor Environment—Where Are We and Do They Apply Worldwide?,” “Indoor Environment—Health-Comfort and Productivity,” “The European Approach to Decrease Energy Consumption in Buildings,” and “Applications of Embedded Radiant Heating and Cooling in Buildings.”

Douglas T. Reindl, PhD, PE, professor, Engineering Professional Development, University of Wisconsin-Madison—“Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Systems,” “ASHRAE Standard 15-2010—A Review and Update,” and “Refrigerant Safety—Inside and Outside the Machinery Room.”

Roger Schmidt, PhD, IBM Corp., Poughkeepsie, N.Y.—“Power/Cooling/Environmental Trends in Data Centers” and “Air and Liquid Cooled IT Equipment—Best Practices in the Data Center.”

Gordon P. Sharp, chairman and founder, Aircuity Inc., Newton, Mass.—“Healthy, Airside Solutions to Significantly Reduce Your Building’s Carbon Footprint,” “New Approaches to Slash Lab and Commercial Building Energy Use and Improve IEQ,” “Slashing Lab and Vivarium Building Energy Use by Up to 50%,” “A Holistic Overview of Technologies and Strategies to Achieve Deep Energy Reductions in Laboratories,” “Building a Net Zero Lab in the United Arab Emirates: Mission Impossible?,” and “Making Buildings Smarter to Maintain Their Energy Efficiency Entitlement.”

Donald R. Wulfinghoff, PE, president, Wulfinghoff Energy Services Inc., Wheaton, Md.—“Optimized HVAC for the 21st Century” and “Ten Critical Criteria for Selecting Any Energy Project.”

The 77 lecturers for the 2013-14 Society year represent 13 countries (Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States), are available to present on 345 topics, and speak a combined 10 languages.

For a complete list of lecturers, as well as instructions for arranging a presentation, visit

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