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Papers Address Five Issues Affecting 
U.S. Health-Care Facilities

Feb. 4, 2016
Five teams set out to identify best practices, envision the future of health-care infrastructure, and engage industry leaders to develop approaches to critical problems.

During Building Innovation 2016: The National Institute of Building Sciences Fourth Annual Conference & Expo in January, the institute’s Academy for Healthcare Infrastructure (AHI) released five white papers addressing some of the most important issues affecting the infrastructure of U.S. health-care facilities.


In early 2015, five AHI interdisciplinary research teams set out to identify current best practices, envision the future of the health-care-infrastructure industry, and engage industry leaders to develop new approaches to solving critical problems. Each of the teams consisted of leaders from the health-care-facilities industry and related subject-matter experts, as well as an academician responsible for compiling data and developing a white paper for publication.

The white papers are:

  • “Owner Organization for Successful Project Outcomes,” 
which sheds light on the strategies adopted by successful owners and identifies 12 themes that consistently arose during interviews with industry experts.
  • “Developing a Flexible Healthcare Infrastructure,” which defines flexibility in relation to health-care infrastructure and identifies forces of change in health care.
  • “Project Acceleration/Speed to Market Strategies,” which discusses project planning, project delivery, risk management, and innovation.
  • “Defining the Next Generation’s Focus,” which sheds light on potential directions of the field and provides guidance.
  • “Reducing Capital Costs,” which looks at the nation’s health-care spending in relation to the rest of the world.

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