ASHRAE’s Technical Program to Focus on Net-Zero-Energy Design

The 2011 ASHRAE Winter Conference technical program features a range of programs and papers addressing the real cost of net-zero-energy design, the efficient use of energy, the greening of the industrial base, and other topics related to design, standards, codes, and professional skills. In total, the program includes paper-related sessions—five technical-paper sessions, 24 conference-paper sessions, and a poster session—57 application-oriented non-paper seminars, and eight open-discussion forums.

Numerous sessions address the cost of net-zero-energy buildings and cover modeling and design, applications, and equipment. Also, several sessions examine how countries around the world have approached net-zero energy, such as “Cutting-Edge Japanese Technologies for Zero-Energy Buildings,” “Zero Energy Buildings Around the World,” and “European Net-Zero Energy Activities and Buildings.”

Several sessions focus on HVAC systems for casinos, such as “Designing for Improved Air Quality in Casinos with ETS” and “Historical Perspectives: Las Vegas Casino Design Past to Present.”

Other sessions address the growing demand for green buildings and the importance of integrated design: “Mechanical Engineer’s Role in Green Building” and “Building Development: High Performance Teamwork for High Performance Buildings.”

Additional sessions include:

  • “Smart Grid and Net Zero Buildings: Where Are We Now?”
  • “Energy Modeling of Existing Buildings”
  • “Modeling Extreme Events”
  • “Controls for Central Chiller Plant Optimization”
  • “Next Generation Heat Exchangers for Net-Zero Design”
  • “Thermal Comfort Evaluation and Standards”

The Virtual Conference, free to paid conference registrants, allows attendees to catch up with sessions they might not have been able to attend in person. The Virtual Conference includes access to all speakers’ PowerPoint and audio presentations, an open forum for a two-week period following the conference, and the ability to rate presentations.

The 2011 ASHRAE Winter Conference and will take place at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel, Las Vegas, Nev. For complete conference information, including abstracts on all technical program sessions, or to register, visit Those who take part in the early-bird registration before Dec. 31 can save up to $160.

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