MAY 2-3
2010 Midyear Meeting; Elk Grove Village, Ill.; Air Movement and Control Association International Inc.;

MAY 3-5
2010 National Issues Conference; Washington, D.C.; Quality Construction Alliance;

MAY 10-12
Energy Efficiency Global Forum and Exposition; Washington, D.C.; The Alliance to Save Energy;

MAY 13-14
FloPro "Factory" Training on the Road: Hydronic Control Strategies, Minneapolis, Taco Inc.,

MAY 17-19
Utility Bill Analysis, Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning, Philadelphia, Mechanical Service Contractors of America,

MAY 20-21
FloPro "Factory" Training on the Road: Hydronic Heat Loss and Design, Minneapolis, Taco Inc.,

MAY 24-26
Fluidized Bed Combustion XXIII Conference; Jacksonville, Fla.; Council of Industrial Boiler Owners;

MAY 24-27
ConnectivityWeek 2010; Santa Clara, Calif.; Clasma Events Inc.;

JUNE 10-11
FloPro "Factory" Training on the Road: The "Compleat" Boiler Room, Denver, Taco Inc.,

JUNE 14-16
Buildex Chicago, Chicago, MMPI,

JUNE 15-16
21st Annual Energy Efficiency Forum: "Energy Efficiency: Innovative Approaches, Proven Solutions"; Washington, D.C.; U.S. Energy Association and Johnson Controls;

JUNE 15-16
West Coast Energy Management Congress, Seattle, The Association of Energy Engineers,

JUNE 17-18
FloPro "Factory" Training on the Road: The "Compleat" Boiler Room, Minneapolis, Taco Inc.,

JUNE 24-25
FloPro "Factory" Training: The "Compleat" Boiler Room; Cranston, R.I.; Taco Inc.;

JUNE 26-30
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers Annual Conference; Albuquerque, N.M.;

JULY 8-9
FloPro Factory Training: Hydronic Heat Loss and Design; Cranston, R.I.; Taco Inc.;

JULY 12-15
International Compressor Engineering Conference, International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference, and International High Performance Buildings Conference; West Lafayette, Ind.; Purdue University;

AUG. 2-5
Industrial Emissions Control Technology VIII Conference; Portland, Maine; Council of Industrial Boiler Owners;

OCT. 6-8
WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Expo, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada Water Authority,

OCT. 14-17
2010 AMCA International Annual Meeting; Aventura, Fla.; Air Movement and Control Association International Inc.;

OCT. 26-28
2010 AHR Expo–Mexico, Mexico City, International Exposition Co.,

DEC. 8-9
World Energy Engineering Congress; Washington, D.C.; The Association of Energy Engineers;

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