Commissioning and Green Design

Commissioning and Green Design

Commissioning and Green Design – A Natural Combination

The majority of new buildings are not built with energy efficiency in mind and most of the five million existing commercial buildings in the U.S. have never undergone any type of commissioning or quality assurance process. As a result, they use more energy, cost more to operate, and perform well below their potential. Conversely, buildings that have been properly commissioned perform better and are more energy efficient. Yet, the idea that commissioning is an unnecessary additional cost still often prevails.

In light of today's emphasis on green design and energy savings, commissioning is more important than ever.

  • Commissioning can help achieve green objectives by improving building performance, saving energy, and reducing operating costs.

  • Commissioning is also an ideal way to ensure that the sustainable concepts in an original design are implemented in the finished building.

  • Commissioning takes on an important role in attaining LEED certification by ensuring that a building's mechanical systems are performing according to established LEED guidelines.

The Time is Right for a Green Commissioning Conference

Commissioning and green design strive to accomplish similar goals, primarily to ensure optimal building performance and to save energy by reducing operating costs. As commissioning continues to play an increasingly important role in the successful implementation of green design, the time is right for a conference dedicated to commissioning green buildings. What better place to co-locate that conference than with an established event dedicated to designing green mechanical systems?

The perfect bookend to EGB 2008, the inaugural Commissioning Green Buildings (CxGB) Conference & Expo will be held October 21 & 22 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

  • The combined EGB and CxGB will attract record numbers of buildings professionals who are involved in the design, specification, selection and commissioning of mechanical systems for the largest commercial projects in the country.
  • Cross-over traffic will include engineers, facility management, mechanical contractors, commissioning engineers and specialists, building owners and other buildings professionals.

CxGB and EGB Provide Solutions to Green-Design Challenges

The green movement has created a demand for events like the combined EGB/CxGB 2008 Conference & Expo. As the only industry event dedicated to designing, specifying, and commissioning green mechanical systems, this is a must attend conference for engineers, architects, mechanical contractors, facility managers, building owners/operators, and other buildings professionals involved in the design, specification, selection, or commissioning of mechanical systems and components,

For complete details and to register online, visit or

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