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Construction of Fulton Facility Expansion Complete

The Fulton Cos., manufacturer of steam, hydronic, and thermal-fluid heat-transfer systems, recently announced the completion of construction of a $10.5 million expansion of its headquarters in Pulaski, N.Y.

The expansion provides 10,000 sq ft of new research-and-development space, 82,000 sq ft of new manufacturing space, 20,000 sq ft of new office space, and 70 tons of additional lifting capacity.

The new manufacturing space is fully in use, while office-space transitions have begun and are expected to be complete during the first quarter of 2012. An additional $3.5 million will be spent to meet interior and equipment needs.

Visitors will be encouraged to see firsthand the building’s heating and cooling, lighting, and customized energy-recovery features.

The facility’s innovative strategies include:

• A 12-zone in-floor radiant hydronic heating system for office space. When heat is needed, waste heat from the factory’s research-and-development facilities or its manufacturing processes is assessed and used.

• The division of office space into 43 zones, with a chilled-beam system mounted in the ceiling to efficiently distribute cooling to building occupants. Cooling towers are incorporated to manage the energy balance of the overall system. For example, when waste heat exceeds the energy required by the system, excess energy can be rejected to the cooling towers. The system also has the potential to utilize gas-absorption heat pumps and retention ponds as an energy source.

A custom energy-management system from Fulton affiliate Synex Controls centralizes and manages the facility’s heating, cooling, fresh air, humidification, and lighting. A Web interface allows employees to interact with the heating and cooling system to capture comfort preferences. Systemwide real-time data is readily available via the Internet, and there are plans to display control data for visitors in the facility’s lobby area.

Real-time weather data, including current and predicted ambient conditions, are used to manage heating and cooling loads. Sunrise/sunset times also are incorporated to drive indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

The equipment installation and Synex control system were designed to allow evolving technology to be integrated over time, with the goal of keeping the overall system modern.

For more information on the expansion, including a video, click here.

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