Danfoss EnVisioneering Symposium to Focus on Practical Future of Smart Grid and Whole-Building-Systems Approach

Danfoss, manufacturer of high-efficiency electronic and mechanical components for air-conditioning, heating, refrigeration, and motion systems, will hold its next EnVisioneering Symposium—“The Grid, Systems & Buildings: A Glimpse Over the Horizon”—Nov. 11 in Bonita Springs, Fla.

The 16th event in the EnVisioneering Symposia Series, the symposium is intended to bring together executives in the HVACR and related industries to take a realistic look at the potential of the smart grid as it is applicable and relative to challenges related to U.S. buildings and building systems.

Participants will engage in a roundtable discussion guided by presentations on three central topics:

• "Systems Energy: Running a 'Whole Systems' Built Community."

• "Business Model & Policy: A Framework for the Future."

• "Technologies for a new Grid: A Panel Discussion."

The event will further the discussion of the 14th EnVisioneering Symposium, “The Smart Grid and Beyond,” held in November 2010. After that event, Danfoss commissioned a study—“Industry Research & Report: Smart Grid”—to investigate and gain a better comprehension of building owners’, engineers’, and manufacturers’ opinions and levels of understanding and implementation of the smart grid. The study highlighted a need for increased communication about smart-grid values and financial incentives, as well as concerns about reliability and power quality.

To read “Industry Research & Report: Smart Grid,” click here.

For more information on the Symposia Series, click here.

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