EGB 2007

On Sept. 17 and 18, we attended your Engineering Green Buildings Conference and Expo. While most attendees were established in their careers, we were two of a few students. We were attracted to the conference because of the emphasis on green-building design and sustainability. As students in the engineering field, we realize that green engineering is a hot topic. Unfortunately, the green theme has not been incorporated into engineering curricula. Attending the conference was an opportunity for us to learn about green products and systems and take the information back to our college.

Two sessions stood out significantly to us: “The Disney Approach to Energy-Management-System Design” (see Page NC2) and “Water-Conservation Methods and Technology.” We enjoyed those two most because they fit within our personal research interests in commercial, institutional, and residential green design.

After having such a positive experience at the conference, we strongly encourage other engineering students, as well as faculty, to attend in the future to enhance their knowledge of sustainability and integrate it into their engineering programs.

Thank you for a great experience. We look forward to sending students next year.
Ashley Luke and Kristen Lanzi
Lafayette College
Easton, Pa.

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