EGB Draws a Crowd in Vegas

Nearly 300 mechanical system engineers and designers, building managers, and others in the buildings industry attended HPAC Engineering's 5th annual Engineering Green Buildings (EGB) conference and Expo, October 21 and 22 in Las Vegas, to improve their knowledge of how to design and operate the most energy-efficient, HVAC systems possible.

The conference featured two days of educational sessions presented by many of the top, mechanical-system engineers in the U.S., an excellent networking opportunity for attendees, and exhibits with cutting-edge green technology. NV Energy, which was an Elite Host sponsor at the conference, co-located its first-ever Sure Bet program at EGB to raise awareness of its energy-efficiency efforts in Nevada.

Noted green buildings expert Jerry Yudelson gave the keynote address at the conference and addressed the topic "What We Can Learn from European Green Building Design." Yudelson said while the green buildings industry in the U.S. lags behind Europe, it is becoming more mainstream here.

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