Emerson Launches On-Board Compressor Technology at AHR Expo

Emerson Climate Technologies Inc., a business of Emerson, launched its new compressor electronics platform, CoreSense technology, during the 2011 AHR Expo in Las Vegas. The launch of CoreSense technology advances the company’s "smart compressor" strategy using the compressor as a sensor, which includes on-board modules for select new compressor lines. Found in Copeland compressors, this electronics platform enhances compressor and system performance by sensing and interpreting information found inside a compressor, providing new levels of diagnostics, protection, and communication.

In developing the compressor technology, the company sought to identify pain points throughout the distribution channel and drive technology that would extend system and compressor life, drive down maintenance costs, reduce system failures, and decrease warranty claims.

Emerson is expected to release new compressors featuring the technology in the near future. Coming soon to the commercial air-conditioning market, Copeland Scrolls with CoreSense Communications will provide compressor data to a commercial system controller, allowing technicians to troubleshoot remotely and prepare for a job in advance. Copeland Discus compressors with CoreSense Protection alert technicians to the most serious faults first so they can accurately and rapidly correct problems and prevent catastrophic compressor failures in supermarket or foodservice refrigeration.

For more information, visit www.emersonclimate.com/coresense.

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