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Falcon Waterfree Founder Wins Global Green Millennium Award

Marc Nathanson, founder of Falcon Waterfree Technologies, has been recognized by Global Green USA with the 2009 Millennium Award for Green Building Environmental Leadership.

According to Matt Petersen, president and chief executive officer of Global Green USA, Nathanson was recognized for "advancing sustainability through the built environment by reducing water and energy use, as well as the resulting greenhouse-gas emissions.

“Marc’s initiative with Falcon Waterfree is helping not only to save tremendous amounts of water, but is part of creating and increasing the momentum of the whole green-building movement,” Petersen said.

The nearly 200,000 Falcon Waterfree urinals installed to date are estimated to save more than 6 billion gal. of fresh water each year.

Because the transport and treatment of water is energy-intensive, water conservation results in energy and greenhouse-gas savings. According to Pacific Institute water-to-air model calculations, an estimated 63,000 tons of CO2 will be avoided this year alone with Falcon Waterfree urinals.

Global Green USA was founded in 1993 to serve as the American arm of Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev’s Green Cross International.

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