Forum to Focus on Energy Efficiency's Critical Role

Sponsored by the U.S. Energy Association and Johnson Controls, the 21st annual Energy Efficiency Forum: “Energy Efficiency: Innovative Approaches, Proven Solutions” will be held June 15 and 16 in Washington, D.C. Energy experts, policy-makers, business executives, and administration officials will gather to discuss the critical role that energy efficiency in buildings, vehicles, and industry plays as the foundation for international agreements, national strategies, and local actions.

This year, the Energy Efficiency Forum is partnering with the Virtual Energy Forum in an effort to extend the global dialogue about energy efficiency. The Virtual Energy Forum is a free online conference that brings together stakeholders in the energy industry with potential customers, policy makers, and investors. The combination of more than 300 audience members at the Energy Efficiency Forum, along with the thousands of people signing on to the Virtual Energy Forum, will provide an opportunity for dialogue and understanding of the policies and best practices for implementing cost-saving energy-efficient practices.

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