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Fred Dougherty Letter to Newspaper


The article "skeptic finds that global warming is real" misleads. As noted by Professors Patrick Michaels and Robert Balling in their book "Climate of Extremes" (2009), there is no serious disagreement with the degree of climate warming since 1900, or the change since 1950 confirmed by Professor Muller. The questions of climate change, however, are fourfold, of which only one is recent global temperature rise.

The debate is over the uniqueness, the cause, and the ultimate effects. Numerous studies and data by respected researchers indicate that similar rapid temperature changes have occurred in the past 2000 years. These and other studies question the significance of human activity (CO2) as a major cause, and the likelihood of catastrophic consequences.

If human emissions of CO2 are a significant cause, what is a reasonable solution? While global warming may possibly cause future catastrophe, a shortage of cheap, abundant, reliable, and continuous energy would be a certain cause of world catastrophe and starvation. It is clear that solar and wind, after 50 years or more of intensive development, cannot provide that energy, and that nuclear fission is the only CO2-free energy source that can.

Fred Dougherty
October 31, 2011

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