Test-tools catalog

A catalog from Amprobe spotlights the company's line of testing tools. The catalog has photos, descriptions, and features of a selection of products, including portable multimeters, clamp meters, power-quality analyzers, circuit tracers, component checkers, and HVAC testers.
— Amprobe
Circle 40

Fabric-filters pamphlet

A full-color pamphlet from Babcock & Wilcox contains extensive information about the company's line of pulse-jet fabric filters, which are used in particulate collection for solid fuel-fired power plants and industrial boilers. The pamphlet contains photos, diagrams, and charts.
— Babcock & Wilcox Co.
Circle 41

Ventilation-products brochure

A brochure from Greenheck outlines many of the company's ventilation products, including vane-axial and centrifugal fans, dampers, louvers, energy-recovery ventilators, and laboratory exhaust systems. Each section has product photos, features, and benefits.
— Greenheck
Circle 42

UPS guide

A guide from Liebert outlines the company's uninterruptible-power-supply (UPS) systems for small and medium-size businesses. Product photos, features, and specifications are presented. A service plan, which includes remote service delivery and remote monitoring, is highlighted.
— Liebert Corp.
Circle 43

Data-loggers white paper

Onset's eight-page “Data Logger Essentials for Building Commissioning” focuses on stand-alone data loggers and the logging capabilities of building-automation systems. The white paper includes information on data-logging applications, performance, troubleshooting, and operation.
— Onset Computer Corp.
Circle 44

Plumbing-products brochure

A brochure from T&S Brass highlights water conservation through a range of the company's water-saving products, such as low-flow spray valves and ceramic cartridges. Basic information on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification is given.
— T&S Brass
Circle 45

Engineers newsletter

Trane's “Engineers Newsletter” contains a discussion about energy recovery. Various topics include heat-recovery types, compressor types, water temperature, heat-recovery-system controls, and chilled-water-system configurations. Several graphs and diagrams are featured.
— Trane
Circle 46

Pipe-joining-systems guide

A full-color, 54-page guide from Victaulic highlights the company's 80-year history in grooved mechanical pipe-joining systems. Photos and details of specific projects, including the use of the company's systems in the National Stadium Olympic venue in Beijing, are given.
— Victaulic
Circle 47

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