Instrumentation catalog

A 600-page catalog from Dwyer details the company's precision instruments for measuring, transmitting, or controlling pressure, flow, air velocity, level, temperature, and humidity. The catalog also is available on CD with interactive features, including keyword search, notes addition, page print, and page save in PDF format.
Dwyer Instruments Inc.
Circle 50

Energy-management brochure

A brochure from Honeywell explains how building owners can increase their “energy IQ” and decrease facility costs with Honeywell Energy Manager. The brochure explains what Energy Manager offers, such as foundation/meter management, advanced energy modeling, facility load management, and reporting/analysis.
Honeywell Building Solutions
Circle 51

Controls catalog

A 1,200-page, full-color catalog from Industrial Controls describes commercial and industrial controls, instrumentation, and valves. Nineteen sections cover HVAC controls, actuators, variable-frequency drives, automation systems, and more. The sections include technical tips and sizing and selection charts.
Industrial Controls Distributors LLC
Circle 52

DDC white paper

A white paper from Millennial Net, “Wireless Pneumatic Direct Digital Control (DDC) for the Energy Smart Building,” explains how wireless DDC can modernize a pneumatically controlled building and help it become more sustainable. The paper also describes the company's Wi-Stat IIIp wireless pneumatic DDC thermostat.
Millennial Net
Circle 53

Plumbing-fixtures catalog

A catalog from Moen features descriptions, photographs, specifications, and pricing information for the company's line of commercial plumbing fixtures. Applications include heavy-duty faucets for service sinks and laboratories, metering fixtures, sensor-operated faucets and flush valves, and stainless-steel utility sinks.
Moen Commercial
Circle 54

Ductwork pamphlet

A pamphlet from PTM Manufacturing describes the company's KoolDuct high-performance pre-insulated ductwork systems for industrial and high-end commercial applications. Tables on energy analysis and acoustical data insertion loss, as well as a graph on the product's tested air leakage, are included.
PTM Manufacturing Inc.
Circle 55

Sustainability white paper

“Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan: Discovering Sustainable Solutions to Power and Secure America's Future” describes how the U.S. Department of Energy will work to decrease greenhouse-gas emissions while improving energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable acquisition.
U.S. Department of Energy
Circle 56

Circulators brochure

A brochure from WILO details the company's commercial high-efficiency Stratos circulators. The brochure explains how the pump for heating, cooling, and air-conditioning applications can reduce annual power consumption by up to 80 percent. Product photographs, as well as control-mode graphs, are included.
Circle 57

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