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Boiler brochure

An eight-page, full-color brochure from Aerco describes the company's line of smaller-capacity Modulex boilers. The brochure details the boiler line's design, fuel savings, operating reliability, installation, and maintenance. The brochure includes product photos and graphs.
— Aerco International Inc.
Circle 40

Air-conditioning-technology guide

A guide from Daikin focuses on the company's variable-refrigerant-volume (VRV) air-conditioning technology. The guide describes the company's mission, as well as how VRV systems work and their advantages for engineers, architects, contractors, building owners, and occupants.
— Daikin AC Inc.
Circle 41

Dust-collectors brochure

A 24-page brochure from Farr showcases the company's capabilities in the design and manufacture of dust collectors. The brochure includes an overview of the company's Gold Series cartridge collectors. Cartridge filters for retrofit solutions also are described.
— Farr APC
Circle 42

Valve-products catalog

Tideflex's condensed catalog includes information on the company's lines of check valves, mixing systems, aeration systems, and effluent diffuser systems. The catalog provides details on the valves and highlights the engineered systems. Product dimensions and applications are featured.
— Tideflex Technologies
Circle 43

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