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Burners brochure

A brochure from Babcock & Wilcox describes the company's AireJet low-nitrogen-oxide burner, which was developed for use with overfire air. The brochure includes a list of mechanical design features and a labeled drawing.
Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group Inc.
Circle 50

Fabric-duct booklet

A 27-page, full-color booklet from DuctSox details the company's fabric ventilation products. The booket describes fabric features and specifications of seven duct models and includes several photographs of fabric-duct installations in schools, offices, gyms, natatoriums, and warehouses.
Circle 51

Ventilation white paper

A white paper from Exhausto discusses the benefits of demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) in multistory, multiresidential buildings. The paper reviews the application of DCV systems in new, retrofit, and renovation projects and examines principles of system design.
Circle 52

Valves brochure

A 16-page brochure from Leonard Valve details the company's line of thermostatic water-mixing valves and water-temperature controls. The brochure includes photographs, descriptions, and specifications for a range of products for commercial and industrial applications.
Leonard Valve Co.
Circle 53

Grease-duct design manual

A design manual from Metal-Fab includes design and installation information for the company's G Series factory-built grease-duct systems for use with Type I and Type II ventilation hoods. The manual includes updated code requirements and a selection guide.
Metal-Fab Inc.
Circle 54

Spot-air-conditioners guide

Intended for facility and information-technology managers, “Reducing the Cost of Keeping Office Data Centers Cool” from MovinCool discusses portable spot air conditioners as permanent data-center cooling solutions. The guide also explains what to look for in a portable unit.
Circle 55

Venting-systems brochure

A brochure from Security Chimneys lists features and benefits of the company's venting systems and highlights a section describing the “anatomy of an advanced venting system.” The brochure also includes photographs and explains the company's customer focus.
Security Chimneys International
Circle 56

Air-plenums guide

The “Commissioning Agent's Guide for Inspecting & Testing Access Floor Air Plenums” from Tate contains a step-by-step checklist of plenum inspection, reporting, and testing procedures. Category 1 and Category 2 air-leakage test procedures also are detailed.
Tate ASP Access Floors Inc.
Circle 57

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