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Motors pamphlet

A pamphlet from Baldor explains how the convergence of Baldor, Dodge, and Reliance provides benefits to their respective customers. The pamphlet also details several of the companies' lines of motors, including full-color photographs and basic specifications.
Baldor Electric Co.
Circle 50

Motor-controls booklet

Freescale's 45-page “Motor Control Technologies” booklet outlines motor-control-product design challenges, as well as development and design tools. Lists of advantages and applications accompany featured products. “A Roadmap to Future Proof Your Designs” also is included.
Freescale Semiconductor Inc.
Circle 51

Centrifugal-utility-fans catalog

Greenheck is offering a catalog on its line of Model SWB belt-drive utility fans. The catalog includes product features, options, accessories, detailed engineering data, and typical specifications. A synopsis of the company's Quick Delivery and Quick Build programs is featured.
Greenheck Fan Corp.
Circle 52

Heating handbook

The “Hydronic Heating and Hot Water Recirc Systems” handbook from Grundfos gives insight into the application and installation of a range of hydronic and domestic hot-water recirculation-system components. The guide contains information on heat sources and piping strategies.
Grundfos Pumps
Circle 53

Humidification-solutions brochure

Mee Industries' humidification-solutions brochure describes how its fog systems can reduce energy consumption. An energy-cost-comparison table and a diagram of a Mee Fog HVAC installation are highlighted. Customers in the printing, woodworking, and textile industries are listed.
Mee Industries Inc.
Circle 54

Grease-duct design manual

A design manual from Metal-Fab details the company's line of factory-built G Series grease-duct systems, suitable for venting Type I and II kitchen-ventilation hoods. Material selections, temperature ratings, material and insulation thicknesses, and weight/lift information are included.
Metal-Fab Inc.
Circle 55

Fan-convectors catalog

Myson has released a catalog specifying its hydronic and electric fan convectors. Data on the company's various kickspace, recessed, and inline models includes flow rates, fan speeds, and entering-water temperatures. Photographs and diagrams are featured.
Myson Inc.
Circle 56

Duct-liners brochure

A brochure from Inspec Foams outlines the company's high-performance Solcoustic duct liners for air-handling systems. The brochure details the liners' advantages, such as noise reduction, energy conservation, and the elimination of health and safety concerns.
Inspec Foams Inc.
Circle 57

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