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Air-conditioning-solutions booklet

A 20-page, full-color booklet from Airsys describes the company's precision air-conditioning units for data centers. Benefits and specifications are listed. Charts that compare precision air conditioning to comfort air conditioning are featured.
Airsys Refrigeration Engineering Technology Co. Ltd.
Circle 50

BACnet-benefits brochure

A brochure from Alerton details the benefits of BACnet, a data-communication protocol for building-automation and control networks. Frequently asked questions are answered, and Websites that provide more information about BACnet are listed.
Circle 51

Dehumidifiers pamphlet

A pamphlet from Desert Aire describes the company's ND/SA series of dehumidifiers for large commercial natatoriums and other indoor-pool applications. Dehumidifier-module types, such as reheat, reheat and water, and reheat and remote-condenser-ready, are discussed.— Desert Aire
Circle 52

Stimulus brochure

A brochure from Honeywell explains how funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 can be enhanced with the company's energy-savings performance contracts, which can leverage money saved on energy and operating costs to pay for building improvements.
Circle 53

Damper-products brochure

A brochure lists and describes Metal-Fab's complete line of fire dampers and ceiling-radiation dampers. The brochure also includes configure-to-order options to meet specific needs and a step-by-step process to complete orders. Photos and illustrations are featured.
Metal-Fab Inc.
Circle 54

Heat-pump booklet

A booklet from Mitsubishi Electric introduces the company's Hyper-Heating Inverter technology. The booklet focuses on Inverter-driven heat-pump systems, which can provide 100°F discharge-air temperature in outdoor temperatures as cold as -13°F.
Mitsubishi Electric
Circle 55

Spot-air-conditioners flyer

A flyer from MovinCool gives 50 reasons to choose the company's spot air conditioners. Categories include quality/reliability, safety/convenience features, and service/support. Reasons include the company's environmentally friendly initiatives, such as the use of R-410A refrigerant.
Circle 56

Chimney-systems pamphlet

A pamphlet from Schebler focuses on the company's prefabricated chimneys for high-efficiency condensing boilers. Three models — eVent, eVent Plus, and eVent Plus 2 — are described. A list of corporate, industrial, government, hospitality, and institutional customers is featured.
Schebler Chimney Systems
Circle 57

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