Air-conditioners brochure
A brochure from Advantix reviews the company's liquid-desiccant air-conditioning systems. The brochure also describes the company’s liquid desiccant, a non-toxic brine solution that does not need to be replaced and does not exit the equipment. A list of commercial, institutional, and industrial applications is featured.
—Advantix Systems
Circle 50

Motors/drives magazine
The sixth edition of Baldor's Solutions Magazine features an article about how the company helped an Ohio wastewater-treatment plant save money by providing a pre-assembled motor/reducer package ready to install. News briefings include an update on the company’s quick-ship program for large alternating-current motors.
—Baldor Electric Co.
Circle 51

LEED worksheet
Greenheck's Website,, features an interactive worksheet to help specifiers determine which of the company's products can help earn points for the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Buildings Rating System. Links to specifications, images, and 3D Revit models are listed.
Circle 52

Cooling-water-systems report
"Biological Control in Cooling Water Systems Using Non-Chemical Treatment Devices" from the University of Pittsburgh details an independent scientific evaluation of several classes of non-chemical treatment devices used for controlling biological activity in a model cooling-tower system.
—University of Pittsburgh Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Circle 53

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