Wireless-systems magazine

Issue 2 of Perpetuum, a magazine published by EnOcean Alliance, focuses on maintenance-free wireless switches and sensors. Articles in the issue feature batteryless sensors, patient-friendly lighting controls, integrated electricity metering, gateways and repeaters, and individual switching applications.
EnOcean Alliance
Circle 50

Solar-modules booklet

A booklet from LG Electronics describes the company's line of solar-power modules. The booklet details the research and development, equipment and technicians, quality-control system, and certified laboratory used to create and manufacture the modules. The company's history in the solar-power business is highlighted.
LG Electronics
Circle 51

Belts brochure

A brochure from Optibelt discusses the company's line of HVAC Power V-Belts, which are built to fit belt drives for small exhaust fans and blowers. The brochure lists the belts' characteristics, advantages, and dimensions. A cutaway diagram points out the belts' various features. Full-color photos are included.
Optibelt Corp.
Circle 52

Noise-reduction brochure

A brochure from Silentium highlights the company's line of S-Cube Development Kits, a centralized digital-signal-processing-based system that helps users decrease noise and vibration. The brochure describes how the company's active-noise-reduction solution allows undisturbed airflow while preventing noise from escaping.
Circle 53

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