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Free Literature

Ice-storage-systems brochure

A brochure from Calmac explains how ice can be generated and stored to cool buildings. The brochure answers commonly asked questions about ice storage and presents ways to save money on energy and maintenance with ice-storage cooling systems. Photos and graphs are included.
Calmac Manufacturing Corp.
Circle 40

Dampers pamphlet

A 16-page pamphlet from Greenheck features its line of HVAC control and manual-balancing dampers. The pamphlet includes quick-selection charts for volume-control dampers and manual-balancing dampers, damper-performance testing criteria, and pressure-drop data.
Circle 41

Water-efficient-products guide

Sloan's “Eco-Design Guide” emphasizes the company's no-water urinals, manual and sensor-operated flushometers, and pressure-assist flushing technology. A product chart displays water-efficiency products, noting manual and electronic models and water-savings estimates.
Sloan Valve Co.
Circle 42

Valves catalog

A catalog from TAC focuses on products, including zone and modulating valves, damper actuators, thermostats, and controllers. The catalog includes product photos, features, and descriptions, as well as specifications charts. Flow charts explaining the part-numbering systems are provided.
Circle 43

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