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Data-center-solutions magazine

“Currents” magazine from APC presents a feature on how to protect data centers from hot exhaust air. An article on data-center in-row cooling is included in the 25-page magazine, as well as a section about the company's new products and programs. Full-color photos are featured.
Circle 50

Motors-and-drives product catalog

A 580-page stock-product catalog provides more than 10,000 Baldor Reliance motor ratings. Motor horsepower ranges from 1/50 to 1,500 hp. Drive products, such as the company's V*S drives, which range from 1 to 800 hp, and Micro drives, 1/2 to 3 hp, also are included.
Baldor Electric Co.
Circle 51

Sizing slide chart

Grundfos has released an updated slide chart for commercial circulator-system design and pump selection. The tool allows users to design heating/cooling systems and select pumps for replacement opportunities. The chart can be obtained through the company's distributors or Website.
Grundfos Pump Corp.
Circle 52

Boilers brochure

A brochure from Lochinvar details the company's Knight XL commercial boiler, a modulating/condensing unit with up to 94.6-percent thermal efficiency. The full-color brochure has information on the boiler's features, including a fully modulating burner with a turndown of 5-to-1.
Lochinvar Corp.
Circle 53

Backup-air-conditioners guide

“Preventing IT Heat Disasters: Backup Air Conditioners for Small to Mid-Size Server Rooms and Network Closets,” a guide from MovinCool, examines the advantages of using portable spot coolers, a class of commercial portable air conditioners, as backup systems.
Circle 54

Flow handbook

“The 8th Edition Flow, Level and Environmental Handbook and Encyclopedia” from Omega contains more than 1,400 pages of data on flow, level, and environmental products, including flowmeters, valves, and water test equipment. The handbook includes unit conversion tables.
Omega Engineering Inc.
Circle 55

Temperature-indicators flyer

A flyer from Tempil describes Estik, the company's direct-contact portable temperature indicator, which provides digital readouts of surface temperatures at points of contact. The flyer includes the unit's features, specifications, and applications.
Circle 56

Heat-recovery white paper

Turbotec has published “Heat Recovery From Vapor Compression Air Conditioning: A Brief Introduction” to enhance understanding of the basics of heat-recovery systems, such as the Enviro-Pak and Enviro-Temp. The white paper is available as a free download at
Turbotec Products Inc.
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