Fabric-duct-products catalog

A 32-page catalog exhibits DuctSox's fabric-duct products and accessories for commercial-building designers. With eight pages of architecturally photographed applications, the catalog also introduces three new products: the D-Fuser, Coronado, and Eko-Tex.

Ventilation-systems brochure

A brochure from Greenheck provides an overview of the various ventilation components the company manufactures for office, school, warehouse, and restaurant ventilation systems. The brochure explains how the company designs whole-building ventilation solutions for specialized needs.

CO-detectors white paper

System Sensor has released a white paper that describes when and why system-connected carbon-monoxide (CO) detectors need to be replaced. Because the CO-gas sensor within a detector has a finite life span, the entire detector must be replaced when the sensor reaches the end of its life.
System Sensor

Air-density-trim flyer

A flyer from Webster details the company's Temp-a-Trim system, which monitors and manages a burner's fuel/air ratio. The flyer explains how the system saves users money. Photos, graphs, and a list of features and benefits are included.
Webster Engineering & Manufacturing Co. LLC

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