Free Literature

Gas-fired-boilers booklet

A full-color, 23-page booklet from AERCO describes the applications and benefits of designing with high-efficiency gas-fired boilers. A case study detailing a $6 million overhaul of the HVAC system in the McCormack Building in Boston is included.
Circle 50

Polypropylene-piping brochure

The eight-page “Aquatherm and Environmental Responsibility” brochure makes an argument for the environmental friendliness of polypropylene piping. The brochure looks at the ecological footprint of different piping options from material creation to recycling.
Aquatherm Inc.
Circle 51

Boiler-comparison guide

A guide from Bryan Steam compares the company's flexible watertube steel boilers with firetube steel boilers, cast-iron boilers, and other watertube boilers. The guide contrasts the characteristics of each boiler type, including installation, estimated service life, and space requirements.
Bryan Steam LLC
Circle 52

Data-center-cooling white paper

A white paper from Future Facilities describes how computational-fluid-dynamics modeling can maximize cooling-system efficiency without sacrificing information-technology equipment. Energy-efficiency challenges and opportunities of modern data centers are featured.
Future Facilities
Circle 53

Green-HVACR-practices guide

Mainstream Engineering has produced a guide for implementing green practices in building thermal control and commercial/industrial refrigeration. Available online, the guide can be used as a training manual for the company's green HVACR technician certification.
Mainstream Engineering Corp.
Circle 54

LEED-building pocket guide

“Thinking About Building LEED,” a pocket guide from the Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago, presents several points to consider about Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified buildings before starting a project.
Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago
Circle 55

Stimulus-fund white paper

A white paper from Onset details funding opportunities available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for energy-efficiency programs, explains why measurement is important, and discusses energy-service companies' use of data loggers.
Onset Computer Corp.
Circle 56

HVAC-temperature-sensor guide

A guide from Spectrum Sensors & Controls discusses the selection of surface, air, immersion, and motor temperature sensors for the HVAC industry. The sensors can be found on chillers, heat pumps, packaged terminal air conditioners, boilers, furnaces, and air handlers.
Spectrum Sensors & Controls Inc.
Circle 57

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