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Water-heaters brochure

AERCO has released a 12-page, full-color brochure on its Water Wizard steam-to-water heaters. As detailed in the literature, the product's design includes dual-control strategy, a fully modulating steam-control valve, and a helically shaped heat exchanger, which result in easier maintenance.
Circle 50

R-410A-products catalog

The third edition of Danfoss' “Condensed Catalog” features R-410A products. The 140-page catalog provides information on the company's components, including product photos, features, specifications, and dimensions. It also has installation and refrigeration-component diagrams.
Circle 51

Heat-transfer-fluids guide

“HVAC Application Guide” from Dow describes why heat-transfer fluids are necessary for water-based HVAC and refrigeration systems. The company's Dowtherm, Dowfrost, and Dowcal fluids are detailed. Photos, charts, tables, and graphs are included.
The Dow Chemical Co.
Circle 52

Dust-collection-equipment CD

Farr Air Pollution Control has published a CD on dust- and fume-collection equipment for all types of industries. More than just a catalog on a disk, the CD contains a comprehensive library of technical information, case studies, and articles on dust-collection topics.
Farr Air Pollution Control
Circle 53

Control-pinch-valves catalog

Red Valve's 28-page control-pinch-valve catalog reviews the company's core product line, introduces new products, and details several applications and installation options. The company's full range of control pinch valves, available in sizes of 1 to 72 in., is highlighted.
Red Valve Company Inc.
Circle 54

Fire-safety-applications guide

A revised applications guide from System Sensor covers updated compliance issues regarding audible/visible appliances for fire and life safety. The guide offers information about the proper installation and usage of these appliances in commercial applications.
System Sensor
Circle 55

Check-valves catalog

Tideflex Technologies' 24-page catalog includes information on its curved-bill, inline, and Waterflex check valves, mixing systems for potable-water mixing, non-clogging aeration systems, and effluent-diffuser systems. Product dimensions and applications are provided.
Tideflex Technologies
Circle 56

Lighting-controls e-book

Watt Stopper/Legrand has created an e-book that encompasses the company's 2007/2008 product-selection guide. The e-book gives customers quick access to comprehensive information about energy-saving lighting controls. The product-selection guide also is available in printed form.
Watt Stopper/Legrand
Circle 57

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