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Backup-power brochure

Active Power's illustrated brochure presents the company's Cool Air UPS, a battery-free uninterruptible power supply. The brochure includes a specifications table and a chart that compares the company's product with that of its top three competitors. A list of features and benefits is included.
— Active Power
Circle 40

Power-protection guide

A 27-page guide from APC details the company's power-protection solutions. The guide features product photos, benefits, and specifications. Also included are charts to help consumers choose which products have the best price, value, and performance for their needs.
Circle 41

Tube-cleaning-tools catalog

A catalog from Conco describes the company's line of tube-cleaning tools for chillers, heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers, which are useful for commercial, institutional, educational, health-care and small industrial facilities. A portable rotating-shaft tube cleaner is highlighted.
— Conco Systems Inc.
Circle 42

VRV-system leaflet

A full-color leaflet detailing the variable-refrigerant-volume (VRV) Air-Cooled DX Multizone System is available from Daikin AC. Product photos and tables are used in the leaflet to emphasize various indoor and outdoor units. The leaflet also explains how the VRV system works.
— Daikin AC
Circle 43

Ventilation-products catalog

The “Greenheck Quick Delivery Stock & Quick Build Catalog” helps consumers find the fans, ventilators, exhaust systems, dampers, louvers, and roof curbs that best suit their needs. Tables featuring the products' performance ranges and dimensional data are included.
— Greenheck
Circle 44

Heat-pump-products pamphlet

Sanyo's full-color pamphlet outlines the company's air-conditioning and heat-pump products. In the pamphlet are product photos, specifications tables, and figures with dimensions. Features including wireless remote controls, anti-mold filters, and on/off timers, are listed in detail.
— Sanyo
Circle 45

Energy-solutions flyer

A flyer from TAC spotlights the company's energy-solutions division. The division's approach, process, and customer benefits are described. A guarantee is featured: If a customer ever experiences a shortfall in guaranteed savings, the company will write a check for the difference.
Circle 46

Plumbing-technology guide

Viega's 23-page guide focuses on the company's philosophy and profile. Highlighted are the company's system, drainage, and press-fitting products, as well as its service programs, sales force, and training options. The company's headquarters and various factories are pictured.
— Viega
Circle 47

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