Boilers brochure

Aerco has released a full-color brochure on its Benchmark high-efficiency boilers. The brochure details how the boilers can deliver energy savings and reduce installation costs for hydronic applications. Among the features highlighted are the units' turndown and small footprint.
— Aerco International Inc.
Circle 40

Components catalog

A 140-page catalog from Danfoss provides information on the company's components, including product photos, features, specifications, and dimensions. The catalog includes installation diagrams, appendices, a refrigeration-component diagram, and a pressure-temperature chart.
— Danfoss
Circle 41

Test-tools catalog

Available online, Fluke's “Test Tools Catalog” includes product information divided into sections for commercial electricians, industrial electricians, and HVAC/indoor-air-quality technicians. The catalog features information on safety standards and training resources.
— Fluke Corp.
Circle 42

Data-loggers guide

A guide from Madgetech spotlights the company's data loggers for recording temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage/current, bridge/strain, level, potential of hydrogen, shock/vibration, and weather. The guide's product matrix provides an overview of the products' capabilities.
— Madgetech Inc.
Circle 43

Pump-connectors pamphlet

A full-color pamphlet from Metraflex outlines the company's flexible pump connectors. Highlighted are the products' designs, technology, and testing results. Standard pump-connector configurations are pictured, including long-radius, short-radius, and 90-degree reducing.
— Metraflex
Circle 44

Motors leaflet

A leaflet detailing canned hermetic motors is available from Peerless Electric Motors. The leaflet outlines the benefits of using canned-hermetic-motor designs and provides drawings to help consumers determine the small- or large-frame motor designs that are right for their application.
— Peerless Electric Motors
Circle 45

Variable-speed-drives booklet

A booklet from Schneider Electric highlights the company's Altivar 61 variable-speed drives. Product photos, specification tables, dimension and weight charts, and a selection guide are featured. Applications, capabilities, mounting requirements, and configurations are listed.
— Schneider Electric
Circle 46

Hydronic-systems brochure

An 11-page brochure from Taco focuses on the company's Load-Match hydronic single-pipe system. The system's concept, benefits, configurations, control, and economics are described. The brochure includes graphs of HVAC systems' installed, life-cycle, and energy costs.
— Taco
Circle 47

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