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Acoustics white paper
The white paper "Acoustics in Healthcare Environments" from CISCA helps design professionals minimize the noise created by HVAC systems and other sources. It discusses why acoustics matter in health-care facilities and highlights acoustic requirements for specialized environments.
—Ceilings & Interior Systems Construction Association
Circle 50

Air-conditioners pamphlet
A pamphlet from LG details the company's unobtrusive Multi V commercial air-conditioning systems, which are suited for government facilities. The pamphlet lists the variable-refrigerant-flow systems' benefits, including a modular design that adds a higher level of redundancy and low energy consumption.
—LG Commercial Air Conditioning
Circle 51

Panel-systems brochure
A brochure from PTM Manufacturing describes the company's pre-manufactured, interlocking Techna-Duc insulated panel systems for HVAC ductwork. The brochure features a table that compares the energy and revenue lost with Techna-Duc with that with bare sheet metal and wet fiberglass with mastic finish.
—PTM Manufacturing LLC
Circle 52

Steam-tools iPhone app
The Steam Tools iPhone application from Spirax Sarco helps users identify the right steam tools needed for a project. The app enables access to the company's saturated-steam-pipe sizing tool and steam tables, which cover thermodynamic data for steam and water, supporting the design and operation of steam/water equipment.
—Spirax Sarco Inc.
Circle 53

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