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Free Literature April 2009

Compressed-air-piping catalog

A full-color, 20-page catalog from Asahi/America presents technical information on and drawings of Air-Pro, the company's corrosion-resistant compressed-air-piping line. A resource for engineers and plant managers, the catalog features specifications and dimensional data.
Asahi/America Inc.
Circle 50

Ventilation brochure

“Fresh Air Ideas” from Greenheck provides an overview of ventilation products that support sustainable-design projects based on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines. The brochure shows how the products help projects obtain LEED credits.
Circle 51

Refrigerant-flow brochure

A brochure from Mitsubishi Electric showcases the company's variable-refrigerant-flow-zoning (VRFZ) systems. The systems, which include outdoor, water-source, and indoor units; controls; energy-recovery ventilators; and tools, feature City Multi VRFZ technology.
Mitsubishi Electric
Circle 52

Heat-pump-systems catalog

A catalog from Sanyo features Eco-i heat-pump and heat-recovery units. Product photos and detailed specifications, such as dimensions and electrical ratings, are included. The catalog lists the company's wall-mounted and ceiling units, as well as its system and multizone controllers.
Circle 53

Remote-monitoring catalog

A catalog from Sensaphone features an application guide with base-pricing information to help customers choose the correct remote-monitoring product. It provides product photographs, descriptions, and key features, such as inputs and outputs, of each product.
Circle 54

Flow-measurement pamphlet

A pamphlet from Spirax Sarco describes the company's Emco line of flow meters for liquid, steam, gas, and commercial water measurement. The pamphlet includes photographs and features a chart that shows which type of flow meter can be used for each application.
Spirax Sarco
Circle 55

Duct-smoke-detection brochure

A brochure from System Sensor introduces the company's InnovairFlex line of duct-smoke-detection products. The brochure includes photographs, features, benefits, and specifications of each product. Accessories, such as a weatherproof enclosure and remote test station, are listed.
System Sensor
Circle 56

Evaporative-humidifier booklet

A booklet from Walter Meier features the company's Nortec MH Series of evaporative humidifiers. The booklet explains the technology behind the humidifiers, as well as the units' operating advantages, and provides technical data. A comprehensive chart compares product features.
Walter Meier
Circle 57

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