Refrigeration-control bulletin

Danfoss has published a technical bulletin for the KPU line of pressure and temperature controllers. The bulletin lists the benefits and features of the KPU controllers and provides engineering drawings and performance specifications for control of both temperature and pressure.
Circle 40

Boiler-energy-savings booklet

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and its partners have released an educational CD promoting the recycling of mercury-containing lamps. It includes a comprehensive list of recyclers and recycling resources and contact information for each state's primary regulatory agency.
Circle 41

Elastomeric-products guide

Holz Rubber Co. recently updated the “Chemical Resistance of Elastomers Specification Guide,” which Holz has been publishing for more than 30 years. The 20-page guide includes elastomer-performance ratings and cross-referencing tables for more than 2,100 different chemicals.
Holz Rubber Co.
Circle 42

Plumbing-fixtures brochure

A new brochure from Grundfos describes the new variable-speed SuperBrute wet-rotor circulator. A simple turn of a switch selects one of its three speeds. It has super-low friction loss and high starting torque. The brochure provides engineering specifications and ordering information.
Circle 43

Products-and-services brochure

A new brochure from Trane provides fast access to product and service information. Thumbnail images designating categories lead engineers to corresponding product information. Brochures and complete specifications then can be found online or ordered from sales representatives.
Circle 44

Datalogger catalog

The 2005 Onset catalog offers detailed product descriptions, specifications, and prices for its full line of HOBO/Stowaway data loggers, weather stations, and Tattletale logger-controller products. The catalog also features a graphically illustrated product-selection guide.
Circle 45

HVAC-test-equipment catalog

A new full-size color catalog from Meterman showcases the new PM55 ultracompact digital multimeter. Also featured is a comprehensive line of thermometers, relative-humidity meters, clamp meters, and environmental test equipment. Complete engineering specifications are included.
Circle 46

Equipment-sizing software

Armstrong announces the availability of Steam-A-Ware sizing and selection software for steam, air, and hot-water systems. Steam-A-Ware, which is free, allows users to store multiple product specifications in a schedule and access Armstrong's library of materials from the CD or the World Wide Web.
Armstrong International Inc.
Circle 47

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