Control-valve case study

The Shell Point retirement community in Fort Myers, Fla., applied Belimo's pressure-independent, characterized control valves in the central cooling plant's air handlers. This case study discusses the issues involved to cool this sprawling, multibuilding community.
— Belimo
Circle 40

Pipe-joint brochure

A brochure from Victaulic describes the new Advanced-Groove System (AGS) for joining pipes 14 in. to 24-in. in diameter. AGS couplings have a two-piece design and are secured with two bolts. The simpler, but stronger, construction is said to reduce labor-installation cost.
— Victaulic
Circle 41

Pump catalog

Grundfos has published an all-product catalog of the company's line of pumps. Detailed in this catalog are various types of pumps and what they are used for. Each product is displayed with a picture, engineering data and specifications, applications, and associated features and benefits.
— Grundfos
Circle 42

Kitchen-ventilation-systems guide

Greenheck has published a 56-page guide for designing and maintaining kitchen-ventilation systems. The guide offers answers to technical application questions and explains system features. The guide includes a reference section and includes troubleshooting suggestions for common problems.
— Greenheck
Circle 43

Air-measuring solutions

A brochure from Ruskin describes the company's line of air-measuring products, which are designed to meet the latest code requirements. Featured is a new controller that combines IAQ with economizer functionality and an air-velocity transmitter that utilizes heated mass-flow-sensor technology.
— RuskinCircle 44

Pressurized-pump brochure

A 12-page brochure from Spirax Sarco introduces the Pivotrol pressure powered pump. The brochure outlines the necessity of condensate management and removal. Pictures and graphs illustrate how the pump works and show typical applications and installation. Sizing and selection also are covered.
— Spirax Sarco
Circle 45

Hot-water boilers

Fulton has published an eight-page catalog describing its PulsePak and Vantage boilers. Each boiler is displayed with a photograph; key design features, such as 99-percent efficiency; a cut-out diagram showcasing internal and external parts; and an explanation of the benefits.
— Fulton Heating Solutions Inc.
Circle 46

Heating-systems catalog

Laars Heating Systems has published a catalog outlining its history, products, customer support, and partnership opportunities. The catalog also features the Laars product line of boilers and heating systems, as well as customer feedback and case studies.
— Laars Heating Systems
Circle 47

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