Free Report Highlights Water-Technology Opportunities

What’s the fastest growing concern of the green-building movement? Not necessarily energy, but water conservation, including the water-technology opportunities profiled in Jerry Yudelson’s latest green-building report, sponsored by the Mechanical Contractors Education and Research Foundation, the research arm of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA).

In “Water Efficiency Technologies for Mechanical Contractors: New Business Opportunities,” Yudelson outlines opportunities for water metering, fixture replacements, cooling-tower water reduction, rainwater harvesting, and gray-water reuse in buildings. In the report, Yudelson profiles dozens of new technologies usable in new buildings and retrofit projects around the United States and Canada. Yudelson presents a business case for water conservation and outlines the close relationship of water use and energy use through what is being called the energy/water nexus.

By saving money on water use through creative water-conservation strategies and water-technology investments, the report shows how commercial-building owners can add value to their real-estate holdings by lowering annual operating costs, increasing net operating income (NOI), and benefiting from the multiple of NOI reflected in building prices.

The free 64-page report is available from Yudelson's Website,, and at the MCAA Website,

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