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GLOBE Issues Call for Partners

A worldwide coalition of more than 30 organizations has announced a “call for partners” for an international alliance advocating sustainable building practices as a key strategy for combating climate change.

The Global Leadership in Our Built Environment Alliance (GLOBE)—led by the U.S. Green Building Council and the World Green Building Council and its members, environmental organizations, and businesses—will work around the world to educate, raise awareness, and generate support from global policymakers, financial institutions, and United Nations bodies for cost-effective investment in sustainable building practices. With a unified voice and a coordinated global advocacy strategy, the GLOBE Alliance is committed to fostering leadership to bring to scale the low cost, often profitable benefits of reducing greenhouse gas-emissions through sustainable design, construction, and operations of the built environment.

Partners of the GLOBE Alliance seek to capture the energy-saving and carbon-reduction potential existing in buildings and urban areas. The network will push for policies and measures that support technical, regulatory, and financial resources for green communities and efficient buildings in developed and developing countries, which, according to scientists, could reduce carbon-dioxide emissions in those sectors by at least 30 percent in the short-term.

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