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Grundfos Offers Pump-Upgrade Program

Grundfos Pumps Corp. has launched an initiative to replace old, low-efficiency pumps with new, higher-efficiency pumps, providing optimized pump performance as well as energy and operating-cost savings.

The Upgrade Program, which is designed to enhance business in the short run, will afford users the opportunity to purchase higher efficiency pumps at discounted prices and replace lower-performing pumps with energy-conserving solutions.

“The program is not limited to only replacing other manufacturers’ pumps,” Edward Smiley, market development manager for Grundfos, said. “Older Grundfos models in some of the categories will qualify as well, providing widespread benefit to the marketplace. We are offering an unprecedented incentive to upgrade old technology to new, while at the same time improving the customer’s use of energy.”

Pumps included in the Upgrade Program cover wide-ranging industrial- and commercial-building applications, as well as machine-tool, vertical-multi-stage, American National Standards Institute, and dosing pumps.

The program will remain in effect through Dec. 16. Additional information is available through authorized Grundfos distributors and sales staff.

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