Ha-ha-ha. … I just love it (“‘Holy Ozone Layer, Batman!’” by Michael Weil, Weil I'm Thinking of It …, August 2010, http://bit.ly/bVnpNX).

Massive naturally balancing systems that we have no idea how to measure, let alone accurately forecast, are continually causing a new crop of computer-modeling nerds looking for another government grant to cry, “The sky is falling!”

Unabated carbon dioxide gets absorbed by nearby plants faster than you can measure the difference.

Greenhouse effect? Just try changing the water-vapor level responsible for most of it, and you'll get awakened to the reality that the water cycle is just as self-regulating as the carbon cycle. And cow flatus notwithstanding, you can't do much about methane when a single volcano releases more of it than all of mankind put together.

Easier to try adjusting the thermostat on the energy source: the sun.

Best for humanity to just drop all the political, tyrannical, tax-inducing hype and get back to good old-fashioned engineering to make things as efficient as practical and economical and keep the power-grabbing socialists under their international-banker's rock, where they belong.

Obviously, the writer's cavalier attitude must stem from the fact he doesn't have children and/or grandchildren to pass the planet to. Time for a reality check. In this case, to err on the side of safety would seem the way to go, given the consequence of continuing the general destruction of the environment. The point of view expressed smacks of the oil industry's denial of global warming.
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