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HPAC Engineering Teams With Belimo for Free Webinar

Many commercial, health-care, and school buildings experience inefficient HVAC-system performance, complaints concerning occupant comfort, and increasing operation and maintenance costs. Often, the culprit is non-functioning or underperforming damper actuators and control valves. Precision is key to a successful damper-actuator and control-valve retrofit.

On Wednesday, June 8, at 2 p.m. ET, HPAC Engineering will present "Retrofitting Damper Actuators and Electronic Control Valves for Energy Efficiency, Labor Savings, and Better Control." Sponsored by Belimo, this free hour-long Webinar will cover:

• What you need to know about retrofitting, resizing, and replacing damper actuators and control valves.

• Questions to ask when considering a retrofit.

• Advantages of pneumatic-to-electronic retrofits.

• Misconceptions about fire and smoke retrofits.

• Creative solutions for custom retrofits.

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