HPAC Engineering Teams With Lennox for Free Webinar

During summer, the electricity consumption of commercial rooftop HVAC units reaches its peak at the same time demand on the grid reaches its peak. For business owners, that means reduced comfort from load shedding or brownouts and increased electricity costs from demand charges and peak rates. Solar energy is a logical solution, as it is most readily available when HVAC-system electricity demand is highest. Giving system designers and building owners pause, however, are concerns over the complexity, cost, efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and safety of traditional solutions using photovoltaic (PV) panels with string inverters.

On Wednesday, April 27, at 2 p.m. ET, HPAC Engineering magazine will produce "Integrating Solar Photovoltaic Systems With HVAC Rooftop Units," a free hour-long Webinar sponsored by Lennox. Presented by Brandon de la Torre, project manager, Standard Renewable Energy, the Webinar will discuss the use of microinverters to connect the electricity output of PV panels directly to a packaged rooftop unit without any modifications to a building’s electrical infrastructure.

To register, click here.

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