IAQ Webinar March 18

When it comes to enhancing indoor-air quality (IAQ), packaged unitary air-conditioning equipment typically does not spring to mind. But with recent technological advances, designers have more — and more-sophisticated — choices than ever.

On March 18 at 2 p.m. ET/11 a.m. PT, HPAC Engineering will host a free hour-long Webinar, “Rooftop Package Units and Indoor-Air Quality.” Sponsored by Lennox, the Webinar will answer common questions concerning the selection and performance of direct-expansion package units in enhancing IAQ.

The live event will be presented by David Harlos, ScD, an indoor-air-pollution scientist with Advantek Consulting Inc., and Michael West, Phd, PE, a building-systems scientist with Advantek Consulting Inc. and a member of the HPAC Engineering Editorial Advisory Board. Harlos and West, the authors of “The Case for Increased Ventilation” (Page 34), will discuss how to design rooftop package systems to enhance IAQ and when specialized equipment or a complex chilled-water air-handling unit is required for IAQ-sensitive applications. Design details on high-performance ventilation, dehumidification, filtration, energy recovery, and germicidal lamps also will be provided during the Webinar.

To sign up for the Webinar, click on the event's registration link at http://hpac.com/webinars. Archived Webinars, such as “Designs That Impact Pump Efficiency and Solutions to Improve Pumping Efficiency,” also can be found on HPAC.com.

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