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NAIMA Releases New Version of Free Insulation Software

The North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) recently introduced Version 4.1 of 3E Plus, a free computer program said to quickly and accurately determine where additional insulation can improve the process efficiency of pipes, boilers, tanks, and ducts.

Operating in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 environments, 3E Plus performs a wide range of energy, economic, and environmental calculations to help specifiers, engineers, plant managers, and facility-management personnel determine cost savings through increased insulation thickness.

Version 4.1 of 3E Plus:

• Provides simple-payback calculations starting with thermal performance and cost of energy for both insulated and uninsulated piping and equipment.

• Performs calculations for most types of insulation materials and accepts user-provided performance data for other materials. Customized program details can be retained when the program is updated.

• Provides calculations for many fuel types and five surface orientations.

• Translates British-thermal-unit losses into dollars.

• Calculates greenhouse-gas emissions and reductions.

• Allows users to export insulation-audit data to an Excel spreadsheet.

• Includes the latest thermal curves and new insulation materials contained in ASTM International standards.

• Automatically calculates thickness tables.

• Works in metric and inch-pound units.

The program and a screen-by-screen user guide can be downloaded by clicking here.

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