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Remote-monitoring software

Version 4.0 of Anyplace Control remote-monitoring software can bypass routers and firewalls, as well as support computers with dynamic Internet protocols. The software displays the desktop of the remote computer, letting the consumer use his or her keyboard and mouse to control it remotely. It can connect to multiple computers at a time.
Anyplace Control Software
Circle 108

Technology-tips CD

Aimed at engineers, a CD from Contemporary Controls contains the information required to get an industrial Ethernet installation done properly. General information about Ethernet includes “ABCs of Ethernet Tutorials,” application stories, technical notes, and selection guides.
Contemporary Controls
Circle 109

Condensing boilers

Modulex condensing boilers are available in six sizes, ranging from 300,000 to 1 million Btuh, and feature a 23-to-1 turndown ratio for maximum efficiency. Single-unit installations feature built-in redundancy, operating reliability, installation flexibility, quiet operation, and low nitrous-oxide emissions.
Circle 110

Boiler/burner control systems

The Hawk ICS is an integrated control system for boiler/burner management and safety with logic-based ancillary devices and functions. Energy-saving features include variable-speed-drive control, oxygen monitoring, parallel positioning, and efficiency monitoring. Integrating the system into a commercial-boiler arrangement can equal energy and cost savings of up to 4.4 percent.
Circle 111

Boiler and water-heater line

With inputs from 1.5 million to 2 million Btu, the enhanced Power-Fin boiler and water-heater line features a higher turndown ratio of 5-to-1, a standard internal cascading sequencer, and control upgrades for easier installation, system setup, and troubleshooting. Optional software expands capabilities for recording, tracking, and analyzing system data.
Lochinvar Corp.
Circle 112


Able to withstand the heat and conditions associated with a boiler room, boilerplates from Almetek Industries can be custom-designed.
Almetek Industries Inc.
Circle 113

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