Three-speed circulators

Available in cast-iron and stainless steel, SuperBruteXL three-speed wet-rotor circulators have a flow range of 0 to 65 gpm and a head range of 0 to 46 ft. The circulators can handle fluid temperatures of 36°F to 195°F with a maximum working pressure of 145 psi.
— Grundfos Pumps Corp.
Circle 9

Solar pumping stations

For use with any solar thermal drain-back, open-loop, or closed-loop application, solar pumping stations include an integral variable-speed solar control pump, isolation ball valves, an air eliminator, and a flow meter with a balancing-valve safety group. The units continually adjust pump speed to maximize solar-collector output, a feature that can increase system performance by 20 percent.
— Taco
Circle 10

No-water urinals

Constructed of vitreous china, F-7000 Waterfree urinals are wall-hung, wall-outlet units. For retrofits and new construction, the urinals have a splash-free design and mid-size wall footprint. The units comply with International Plumbing Code, National Standard Plumbing Code, and American Disabilities Act guidelines.
— Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Circle 11

Fluid-handling-products catalog

Available on an interactive CD, Bee Valve's 2009 catalog of fluid-handling products includes the company's lines of ball valves, strainers, couplers and adapters, tank accessories, gauges, quick-coupling connectors, and hose, pipe, and nozzle fittings. The CD facilitates navigation between product sections with bookmarks and imbedded jump links. It includes a downloadable print catalog and price book in PDF format.
— Bee Valve Inc.
Circle 12

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