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Packaged boiler rooms

A brochure from AAON describes the company's BL Series of packaged boiler mechanical rooms, available in capacities from 500 to 6,000 mbh. The full-color brochure lists the boiler rooms' options and features, such as double-wall foam-insulated panels that provide freeze protection and increase sound dampening.
Circle 9

Condensing boilers

Available in sizes from 300 to 850 MBtu, XFyre modulating condensing boilers have thermal efficiencies of up to 94 percent at full fire and 99 percent at part load. Top water connections and a 9½-sq-ft footprint minimize space requirements. The boilers include a liquid-crystal status display, full diagnostics, and fault memory.
Circle 10


With a throat diameter of 10 to 52 in., MSC2 burners operate on multistage combustion. Ignition is achieved using Hamworthy's line of gas-electric ignitors, which have the ability to fire a variety of fuels (natural gas, propane, coke-oven gas, etc.) and can be rated National Fire Protection Association Class 1, 2, or 3.
Hamworthy Peabody Construction
Circle 11

Draft-induction fans

Schebler has added wing-draft-induction-fan capabilities for boilers and hot-water appliances, complementing the company's line of Underwriters Laboratories-listed prefabricated chimney and grease-duct systems. The initial offering includes a basic fan design for standard boilers, but the company expects to unveil an expanded line of fans with complete system controls for any application or appliance model.
Schebler Chimney Systems
Circle 12

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